Antifa Is Calling For The Murder Of Dogs Because Conservatives Love Them

ANTIFA for Islam is now threatening the lives of dogs owned by conservatives. A Facebook posting, which has been removed for violating the terms of Facebook, said that it was posting these comments “in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of ANTIFA for Islam.” The photo shows food with nails in it, aimed at injuring dogs.

The post reads: “Fighting our enemy is number 1 priority. We identified the areas where most alt right and far right supporters live. Most of these people have pets. Please target areas and parks in Texas especially Giddings, Schulenberg and Vidor. We have posted the data and instructions inside of the Google Drive folder posted in the private group. Please follow the instructions and let’s hit them where it hurts the most, their scrawny dogs. If we break their closest friends we break them. Don’t let FASCISTS and FASCISM spread! Resist now! RESIST! 

Authorities are asking everyone around the country to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity immediately to your local police department