Bloody Chicken Embryos In Thousands Of Eggs Sold In Major Food Retailers Across U.S.

If you are about to crack open an egg this morning for breakfast, or as an ingredient in your meal for dinner tonight, brace yourself, you may be in for a chilling surprise. Major food retailers across the United States are warning of bloody chicken embryos being found in eggs that were produced earlier this month. It has not been singled out to a particular brand as they have had complaints from customers concerning every egg supplier, excluding organic cage free eggs.

A spokesperson for Chick-Farm Eggs says the incident is alarming. “The process we use to supply eggs to consumers across the United States, is the same process we’ve used since 1938. The roosters are kept separate from the hens, there should be no way these eggs were able to be fertilized. We are really scratching our heads on this.”

Consumer activists are blaming these results on the genetically modified feed farmers are giving to their chickens. The GMO feed, they say, is genetically modifying the DNA of these animals and “being handed down from generation to generation. This is resulting in automatic fertilization in the hens.” Currently, researchers are investigating the situation hoping to give a scientific explanation for this oddity within the next two months. In the meantime, food retailers are posting warnings and it’s up to the consumer whether or not they would like to take the chance of cracking open a fertilized egg. There are no recalls or refunds being issued at this time.