Donald Trump and Congress Voting to End Child Support By 2018

Donald Trump and members of Congress held an emergency meeting on Wednesday to pass a law stating that in 2018 all fathers that are paying child support will no longer be required to do so. Women will no longer be able to file for a child support order, relying on the father to be responsible on his own. The same goes for men who have full custody of their children.

Trump also stated “We have men that are paying child support and they still can’t see their kids or they are paying child support and the female parent is not using that money for a the child. So my goal is to have this law passed before we enter into 2018. I am your president of the United States. Let’s make America great again and keep men out of poverty.”

Protests from single mothers began in front of the White House as soon as the news was made public. Trump said protesting will not change his mind, no matter how much they nag and complain.