Justin Bieber Spotted At Gay Club During Drunken Sexual Encounter With Man

A photo was released over the weekend that has left the entertainment world in shock. Justin Bieber has been known to turn heads over the years with his reckless behavior. But we’ve NEVER seen anything like this from Justin before. According to an employee at the Revolver, and upscale gay lounge in West Hollywood, Bieber entered the club with his entourage on Saturday evening and picked a private booth in the back.

 “I was keeping an eye on him because he is known for starting trouble,” said Brucie Buckman, Revolver security. “But we’ve never seen him before, so we thought it was a little strange he was hanging out in a gay nightclub. But we don’t discriminate, everyone is welcome as long as they know how to behave themselves.”

Buckman said Bieber was ordering ‘Platinum Passions’ and shots of Cognac running up his bill to nearly $58,000. “Within two hours he was completely wasted,” said Buckman. “That’s when I saw him being approached by Reggie Ray. He’s a regular at the club and a real slut if you ask me. That’s why I got my camera ready.” That’s when Buckman said he approached the booth where Bieber and Ray were “getting acquainted.” Buckman snapped the photo and uploaded it to Facebook where it went viral across the Internet.