‘Zombie Man’ Found Eating Puppy In Downtown Los Angeles Alleyway, High On Spice

LOS ANGELES, CA –  A Los Angeles man is now facing felony charges after he was found eating a small dog in a Los Angeles alleyway that he stole from a nearby pet store. He did this all while high on the synthetic drug “spice.” The attack is the latest in a series of violent and bizarre incident linked to spice, which mimics the effects of marijuana, bath salts and cocaine. There have been many news reports over the past several months where people are eating “human and animal flesh while the victims are still alive.”

Roger McDaniels, 28, allegedly smoked “spice” in his Los Angeles home before walking downtown to a nearby pet store. According to the owner, Robert Hughes, the drugged man grabbed a small puppy from his cage and ran out the door before anyone could stop him. Hughes immediately called 911 and police began to search the vicinity. Eventually, McDaniels was found in an alleyway approximately 2 blocks away from the pet store hunched over on his knees growling. But what police saw when they approached the accused man left one female officer in tears.

 “We saw a male that fit the alleged thief’s description and approached him with guns drawn,” said Teresa Rodriguez, LAPD officer. “He was on his knees, growling like an animal. I approached him from behind, and when I saw what was in front of him I just lost it. This poor little puppy, half eaten and still alive. It was absolutely disgraceful.”


Officers used their taser guns on McDaniels in order to safely take him into custody. Unfortunately, the puppy died on the scene. According to Hughes, the owner of the pet store, this was the last photo taken of the little puppy they called Scruffy. McDaniels was transported to Gateway Mental Health Center where he is currently being held for mental evaluation. Medical staff at the mental health facility released a statement saying, “Roger McDaniel suffered from what we would call a ‘bad trip’ due to his consumption of spice. This is not the first incident we have seen where people under this substance find themselves eating ‘hunks of flesh’ from their victims, whether human or animal. It is a sad, sad situation that we hope our state and local leaders can get under control.”