People Go Missing And Dead Aliens Found After Mysterious ‘Flying Object’ Invades Western States

On Saturday evening at approximately 6 PM PST, a mysterious light took over the skies in major US cities across the West. People in California, Arizona, Nevada and even all the way to Mexico reported seeing a blue or green object streaking through the sky. Social media went crazy as well as news stations as people tried to figure out what was happening. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department reported on Twitter that the sighting was a result of a U.S. Navy test: “Light seen in OC sky was confirmed through John Wayne Airport tower to be a Naval test fire off the coast. No further details.”

On Sunday, police in Nevada, Arizona, California and Utah have received nearly 845 missing persons reports of people who have just “disappeared.” 95% of the missing people reported by Sunday evening were young hispanic women between the ages of 18 – 23. Police are saying they cannot confirm that the incident on Saturday evening has any connection to the missing persons reported. “What happened on Saturday evening in California has nothing to do with the amount of people that have gone missing since then,” said Detective Ron Alvarez of LAPD Missing Persons Bureau. “It was a missile that everyone saw on Saturday and that is that. It has been confirmed by the Federal Aviation Administration as a missile and people need to leave it just as that. In the meantime we are doing everything we can to find the people that are missing.”

Conspiracy theorists are not convinced by the government’s explanation of the enigmatic light after photos surface of strange unknown creatures found dead in fields in Southern California. Conspiracy theorists say as quickly as they post these photos on Facebook, they are taken down. Here is one we found on social media. What do you think? Is this an injured alien left behind? Are the missing people a result of Saturday’s mysterious light?