Tyrese Gibson Dead By Apparent Suicide At Age 39

Tyrese Gibson allegedly committed suicide in a Beverly Hills hotel early this morning. Before his death, he allegedly sent a WhatsApp message to his friends and family.

Suicide note

A suicide note was recovered by the police. Tyrese Gibson, who has posted emotional, often bizarre missives to social media detailing his legal battles with his ex-wife over their 10-year-old daughter stated he “couldn’t handle the depression of his life anymore.” Tyrese went on to write about his ex-wife, Norma Mitchell Gibson, and the embarrassment she brought into his life, describing it as “extremely insulting.”

In the note, he requested his family “fight for custody of his daughter.”

Tyrese’s social media meltdown

The police said Tyrese was last seen in the lobby of an undisclosed hotel in Beverly Hills around 6 a.m. When the family received the WhatsApp message, they rushed to the hotel and found him dead. Police have not yet disclosed his method of suicide.